"I don't remember how I was introduced to NVC, but I remember being blown away by it. I thought, ""this is the way to world peace. As a reality. Not a crazy concept.""

I remember once talking to a man who had been labled ""schizophrenic,"" and when I relayed back what I thought were his feelings and needs, he blurted that I was psychic. Which I am not, but it seemed that I definitely connected.

I have been amazed by the look on peoples' faces when they've felt heard.

I've been amazed by my own feelings of gratitude and relief (and other good feelings) when I've felt heard.

Considering connection is what everyone is after, it's wonderful to have a tool to acheive it. It's really love.

I am so grateful for Marshall and his work, to allow us the tools to access what is so important to each of us."