"I feel very moved by the opportunity to share some words and very grateful to Marshall Rosenberg, to NVC facilitators , practitioners for the transformation you brought into my life, revolution, healing, beauty - one day I received an email about NVC course, I barely read the email and I just registered out of intuition - 3 days only and my life changed. so many emotions during these three days, I cried , felt sad,upset, forgiving, joyful, excited and healed. 5 days after the course, my 4 years-old son came very sweet to me and said: Mum, I am feeling a little nervous, I think I need to watch a DVD to relax, would you be OK to put a cartoon for me on the TV? he is now 8 years old and we discuss about values, about feelings, needs and we work on making requests. He is quite a thorough ""NVCkeeper"", when I make a demand, when I am not connecting with his and/or my needs , I have a big NO in front of me and have no choice but going back to NVC principles. Right now, when writing this, I am feeling blissed, full of love, overwhelmed by immense gratitude. Marshall Rosenberg, I was wondering what I would do if you were in front of me right now, a big hug? a loud thank you? No, I think I would put my hands on the heart in Namaste position, I would enjoy the bloom in the heart out of love, the tears in my eyes out of gratitude , and I would break the silence only to tell you : Atma Namaste."