Kersten Kloser-Pitcher

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GESPRÄCHSKULTUR - Training & Hosting Nonviolent Communication

Achauer Straße 21
2326 Maria Lanzendorf

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The world would be different, if people would be more curious!

More choice, more ressources, more authentic relationships and more peace is something we humans long for. Living in compassion is a path, many of us would like to walk. Nonviolent Communication is an answer of how to start to make a change in our very self, in our life and the world.

I am convinced the greatest gift in this world is to meet each other with an empathic presence. I am dedicated to integrate the principles of Nonviolent Communication more an more into my own life and open rooms to spread this treasure in the world. 



In 2015 I initiated the platform GESPRÄCHSKULTUR (coversation culture) Training & Hosting Nonviolent communication.

The Aim is to offer room to learn and integrate Nonviolent Communication. Our activities go from facilitating Introductions, Deepenings, Mediation Trainings, Workshops with teams, 1-on-1 Sessions etc. to hosting large group NVC festivals and retreats with 70+ people including all ages. Our Vision is to reach people where they are and offer choice on how to  step into the principles of Nonviolent Communication. Be it by sitting in a Seminar or simply through living Nonviolent Communication in a "live" space, like a festival. 


Trusting that we are all human, sharing the same needs. Accepting that this is not what we have learnt in school, what parents rolemodeled or what society put into our baby-beds. 

Knowing that we can work on our compassion skills, that we an can train our empathy muscles and our potential to stay open-hearted. This is what fuels my energy to move on, step in and to continue my life path trusting that there is beauty in all of us.

Leadership and feminism are two fields of great vibrancy and I so very much notice these two forces in me. I am convinced we need more empathic leaders in this world. Joining clarity and compassion and integrating the male and female in a loving way is something I am most passionate about. 


I long for a politic of love in this world. A so called "radical empathy". I dream of an understanding that empathy is not "optional" but something that is just the way we connect with one another. Be it in Business meetings, family gatherings or simply in the relationship with ourselves.