Tineke Hertsenberg

Communication trainer, health sector

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My activities

I teach communication/non-violent-communication (NVC) to groups/teams in profit and non-profit organizations and to individuals on a personal basis, through training sessions, workshops and coaching.

In the health care sector I provide professional health care workers with tools that enable them to interpret uncomprehended client behaviour as expressions of feelings and needs. As a result of that they will be better able to connect and to contribute to their clients well-being. (clients: for example, people with dementia).


 The language of the heart/NVC offers information, insights and tools to listen and tune in to yourself and the other. When you dare to make yourself vulnerable and speak out you will be able to connect from a source of mildness and love for yourself and the other. Through this you will bring more harmony into yourself and your relationships.


I believe in the goodheartedness of every human being. I want to explore what is behind my behaviour and the other persons behaviour, what it is that drives me or the other to act the way we do.

It is my wish to contribute to a world in which people truly understand themselves and each other, leading to mutual respect, clarity, trust, space, mildness, connection and harmony.


with love, Tineke Hertsenberg