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Im glad to have a space to present myself and my thoughts about NVC.

My focus is to be an NVC Certified Trainer and to give my contribute to change the conditional prospective of the humanity being that Ill meet. The humanity has evolved through systems of control and domination who have moved himself away from the human being and  generated conceptual scaffolding. These scaffolds keep us trapped in a conditioning that compromises our contact with the trust, of ourselves and others. I think that this prison is our opportunity and its very precious to us, because it is the necessary condition for our liberation. 
The NVC, for the experience that I'm doing is melting definitly my scaffold.
NVC allows me to access new parts of myself, integrate parts of me that are not visible but hidden so far, and allows me to meet me deeply and intimately and completely, through the encounter with the other.

Everyday, I meet myself in meeting the other persons.

Something miraculous happens while the words are formulated in the NVC language.
When I use the NVC process I generate clean and tidy in myselves, I align myself perfectly to life at the very present moment in which it occurs: this is the miracle.
Something superhuman happens using the NVC process: something, that does not come from us, but it passes through us and is manifested through the human attempt to make us pure channel of connection.

I want to become a main reference in Italy for NVC process and NVC Mediation of the conflicts.
I created on 2010 a Centre in my town (very close to Venice: you, that you're reading, you are welcome!), were I make training as a Counselor Trainer and I welcome people that leave in a difficult emotional situation.