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I am Rita Ayoub from Lebanon. I have been acting  in Islam-Christian Dialogue training since more 1996 in Saint Joseph University (USJ) of Beirut - Lebanon, through the Institute of Islam-Christian Studies (IEIC) at the Faculty of Religious Sciences (FSR).

I have worked for 10 years in Reconciliation area in Lebanon, to built link between Druzes and Christians in Mount Lebanon area after the returning of displaced people (Christian have been displaced from this mixed area between 1976 and 1992, and in 1992, the decision was made to return).

I did my master in Intercultural Mediation (Social Representation between Maronites and Shias in Lebanon). Now I am working on my PHD : The obstacles in communication between Muslims and Christians.

I am also a member  of the Lebanese Conflict Resolution network (LCRN) (since 1996). We are training on CR in Lebanon and the area.

My path at NVC started in 2009. A friend of me who knows my path in communication , reconciliation, dialogue…etc, mentioned the name of M.R and the NVC procedure. I have seen on the internet and started to command books from France to know more about (since I am reading and writing better French than English). When reading the books, I was feeling coherence between what I am teaching and training and the NVC procedure. It was like a skeleton designed to something I know, or at least I know some of its sequences. When surfing on the internet, I discovered that there are trainings in France about NVC, so I can go to start deeper path in that context. Since I am in Lebanon, and it takes time and money to take Visa to France every time, I decide to take 2 trainings every time I go (specially because the visa is given  for a short time).

After taking about 25 days of training till June 2014  in Paris, I start follow the what called "Immersion" between Belgium and France, it's about 6 to 8 days with several trainers. Trainers have been doing me discounts, which helped me a lot.

By the time, I started translating elements to Arabic, and started use them in the training I am giving on Islam-Christian Dialogue Training ( about 6 hours) at USJ.

The evaluations of participants ,encouraged me to start on 2012 organizing special trainings in Arabic to introduce NVC in Lebanon and the area (20 hours per sessions).

I also organize small sessions, to introduce the concept (3 to 4 hours), it helps to introduce NVC to people in the area.

In 2013, I asked the Rector of  Saint Joseph University (USJ) to start introducing NVC to the university students. Since than, I started organizing trainers (20 hours) for students. every year 4 to 5 groups of 14 students are following the training.

For three years, I had been introducing NVC through trainings we were doing on LCRN, for FNF Syria and Lebanon projects  for Syrian and Lebanese youth and women living in Lebanon due war in Syria.

I also use to train NVC for Syrian groups who come to Lebanon to follow the session before returning to their Home town.

in 2015, I started translating from Frensh to Arabic, the paintings of Leti Gribouille, It help both of us to promote NVC in Arab area.

In June 2016, I started my path to be certificated, I feel gratitude to Amal Mekwar who encourage me to start that path. With the support of Anne Bourrit and the accompany of Jalila Suchini, I am walking my way supported by many of NVCians friends.

In 2017, I started my NVC Facebook page in Arabic: @cnvritaayoub,

Rita Ayoub - التواصل اللاعنفي

I started by publishing small examples to introduce in simple way the NVC in Arabic, than I started using Leti's drawings as bases for my reflexions.

People from Lebanon and Syria and Egypt and other Arab countries, are expressing interrest to know more and more on NVC.

I accompany from time to time individual who needs to deal in one situation by using NVC.

March 2019, I started my first Practice group in Arabic in Lebanon. Most of  participants are people who followed sessions I organized during these last years, and welling to go in depth in NVC.

During my path in Lebanon, I have been meeting people who met NVC and are doing their own path in training and practicing and knowledge. NVC started to be more and more a way of life in many Lebanese lives.

One of the most NVC devocated people I met, is Tanya Awad Ghorra, who started several years ago her path in NVC in Lebanon, and who trains on NVC in Lebanon and Arab World.  We are trying to promote NVC in Arab countries, each form her side and way.

That's  some of my path with NVC.

For any information, you can call me by whatsapp to : 009613980714

or email : ritaayoub@yahoo.fr

or through my Facebook page.

Thanks to read me

Wishing you The Light  

Rita Ayoub