Sonja van der Meulen

Coach for teachers, parents and students (with special needs)

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I am Sonja van der Meulen and I am proud to be a member of to the worldwide NVC network. For me NVC is a way of living, a way to enrich life.

I hope to grow and learn, live and teach NVC the rest of my life. The past 8 years I have been following and assisting  trainings and practicing NVC daily. I have been giving trainings and workshops and leading Practise Groups.  I am also a coach for teachers and parents and students (with special needs). I also "use" NVC in my work. For me it supports deep connections with (young)  people.

For further learning I am planning to join the Life Program of Robert Gonzales in 2020 and 20121. In november 2019 I am joining the IIT in Germany, and in 2020 I am planning to join the IIT in Kenya.

Here are some words to describe how learning and living NVC enriches my life; NVC is helping me to empathize with the other, speaking words that can be heard, staying connected even when I get triggered by the words that were spoken, because I can give myself empathy that very moment(still learning here…, this is an ongoing process and a deep longing for connection with myself and the other in the same moment,  giving myself space to learn) NVC is giving me the words, a language from the heart, and new strategies and conscious choices what to do (how to act), even in the moments I am triggered and feel a deep inner pain and a deep need for love and connection. It even gives me tools to heal myself by enjoying the beauty of the unmet needs. I am deeply greatfull for this life saving tool and celebrating every day how it awakens a deep consiousness in me, being a part of this beautiful world and taking my responsability for my part of how to serve this earth we live on.

Sonja van der Meulen, August 2019  


Besides keep giving trainings, workshops, practise groups and so on, I keep on working with young people with special needs at schools. I also coach young refugees and young people who see death as the only way out of the situation they're in.

I am very greatfull for these opportunities to be a part of all these journeys, and I plan to keep on working with and learning from them.



I was a teacher for 25 years, at a school for children with special needs. Now I coach young people at schools and the people around them, the last 10 years.

For me, NVC is the tool to connect with and learn from children/young people. I see how adults(teachers/parents) are willing to connect and do not know how. The children of today are wise, let us listen to them and learn from them! NVC can be very helpfull in these conversations,


My vision is a world where all needs matter, and we can really hear and see each other and are connected. Taking responsability for all that is in us and healing our own wounds as adults, so children can be children. Like in the song Santana sang;  "Let the children play"....