James Prieto

Compassionate Communication Trainer, Life Coach, Agile Coach
Compassionate Connecting

San Jose, CA 95128
United States

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Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
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United States
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Facilitating flow through Compassionate Leadership. People are awakened to their full potential through connection. Flow comes from organized, connected and whole people.

About me:  I’ve been practicing NVC since 2002, and have been facilitating NVC workshops since 2005. I received my CNVC trainer certification in 2014, which took about 3 years to complete. I've received over 100 days training with Marshall Rosenberg, and NVC Trainers Mary Mackenzie, Robert Gonzales, Jim & Jori Manske, and others as part of my growth journey. NVC is my passion and way of life. I’m dedicated full time to bring NVC to Silicon Valley. For more information on my offerings, go to www.CompassionateConnecting.com