Sandra Amiry

NVC Facilitation/Certification Candidate

Rose City NVC (SE Uplift)
Portland, Oregon 97214
United States

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United States
Public Message

Sandra Amiry has been practicing and sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for over 9 years as part of her passion for building stronger relationships while developing more integrated and sustainable communities. She has been teaching NVC for 4 years.

As a Rose City NVC Teacher Training Program (TTP) participant, Sandra has co-taught NVC classes with Fred Sly, and now facilitates Rose City NVCs Integrations Classes and Tuesday night NVC Practice Group. Shes also teaches NVC at PoppyOregon State Penitentiary, Columbia River Correctional Institution, and the Reentry Transition Center in Portland. She has also co-taught NVC classes with LaShelle Lowe-Charde.

Sandra has an infectious enthusiasm and inspiring, delightful teaching style.