Melody Greger

Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

Winlaw British Columbia V0G 2J0

Areas of Interest
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United States

1. Sharing the practices and principles of Nonviolent Communication and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with individuals and groups internationally.2. Holding a loving space integrating somatic awareness, empathic resonance, listening to and seeing into the depths of peoples experience, and reflecting their hearts essence. 3. Supporting creative self expression through compassionate language, movement, picture making, and voice exploration.


Being a catalyst for compassionate insight, inner peace, and creative empowerment; supporting people to re-member the whole of who they are, embody their soul, express their hearts deepest inspirations, contribute their gifts and be in harmonious partnerships with others.


I envision a world where we are living from the consciousness of unconditional love and our interconnectedness with all life,centered in the heart we act with compassionate reverence in relationship and contribute our gifts to a thriving, sustainable community as a whole.