Eric Bowers

Owner/Operator of Road to Compassion

Agassiz BC

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Greetings, For over 12 years I have shared my passion for helping people create successful relationships through counseling sessions and through my experiential and playful professional and public workshops, retreats, courses, and speaking engagements. Along with my training and certification in Nonviolent Communication, I have extensive training in Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology, and I'm passionate about Shadow Work. I bring these fields together in my book Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places: The Heart and Science of Relationship Success.

In counseling sessions (through Skype or other video platforms), I help clients work through their Attachment Trauma and Relationship Issues with somatic-based empathy, somatic-based processes, and other modalities.

I'm also an artist under the name The Golden Repair. My art includes music, videos, interviews and more. Find me and more information about my work and book at,,, 


Counseling Sessions, Professional Development Workshops and Training for Non-Profit Organizations, Conference Keynotes and Workshops, Public Presentations and Book Talks/Concerts


I believe that the most important contribution that we can make to the world, the contribution that is unique to each of us, is found through the weaving together of our inner healing work and the following of our dreams and deepest callings.

My mission as a counselor is to help people do the healing work that allows them to follow their dreams and deepest callings and build successful relationships in all areas of their lives.

My mission as an artist is to inspire people to deepen their commitment to their healing work and to their dreams and deepest callings. Through music, articles, interviews and more, I tell the story of how consistent, skillfully-supported healing work is a potent source of energy, creativity, power, and beauty. I paint a path to the gold buried in the pain and to the brightest of lights that are waiting in the darkest of places.


A world in which everyone receives the support needed to follow their deepest callings and give the gifts that are theirs to give while also creating fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.