Hope Moffatt

Northern Hope Consulting

Fort McMurray AB T9H 3R4

Areas of Interest
Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritual Growth
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Public Message

I am located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, on Treaty 8 territory, the traditional lands of the Cree, Dene and Metis. I'm in Fort McMurray in the northeastern corner of Alberta, Canada, I am available for workshops within Canada, especially the western provinces. My background as an adult educator of early learning & care educators makes sharing NVC with parents and early childhood educators a natural fit. My own exploration of inner NVC over the past couple of years is a reminder that the spiritual aspect of NVC is very precious to me. and such a gift in my life. 


By living my life with NVC consciousness at the forefront, I want to share NVC through modelling, online discussions, and face-to-face interactive workshops and practice groups.


"I am a spiritual being having a human experience"

My experience in this life will be that I:

  • establish and maintain harmonious relationships with personal and professional connections, and with nature
  • work to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition, activity and social interactions
  • share my love of music, and the joy and transformation that can be achieved through breath, tone, voice, rhythm and movement
  • achieve balance in many aspects - female/male, self/others, work/play, peace/excitement
  • honour the gift of my daughter and her family for her learning and for mine
  • remain open to learning about myself, my world and others
  • continue to explore ways to express myself creatively
  • work hard, play joyfully, maintain curiosity, experience wonder

(Personal Mission Statement created in 1996, latest revision, March 2022)


In a world where babies are met with love and respect for their uniqueness within an interdependent family/community, they become adults able to live their lives with courage, compassion and authenticity.