Clare O'Sullivan

CNVC Certified Trainer
Sense Of Life

Stroud Gloucestershire England
United Kingdom

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My work has it's roots in a reacquaintance with our Sense Of Life, connecting us to ourselves and all living things. Something has happened within our culture that has created a kind of  'separation sickness'.  My work is a tender walk towards interconnectedness.  I support the reclaiming of our dreams and passions and the life and intention within them, giving room and hospitality for the grief of life unlived and life lost, and room for hope and trust to flourish. This is achieved through the principles and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication and the practice of self compassion,  translating life-alienating thinking into our precious life force. My experience is, that from this ground we can find the heartfelt courage to bring about our life's purpose, and be effective in the word, in the present, supporting authenticity and empowerment. 

I have been living and practicing NVC for ten years now.  The container within which my compassionate journey was supported was through the guidance love and support of many including Vicky Peirce, Robert Gonazles and Gayano ShawGina Lawrie and Shona Cameron held me with such warmth and love through the NVC Certification Process. Bless you all for supporting me to come to life.


To continue to grow the depth of my own self compassion in order to create inner spaciousness to allow life to impact me, find room in me.  This is the ground from which I work and find it possible to support others and to be present to life as it unfolds. To embody presence as a human being, a skill that is fully expressed in the more than human world. 

I hold monthly day long workshops where we grow compassionate presence together.  Some themes I have held so far; At War With Life, From 'Seeking' to 'Being', Grief And Gratitude, Exploring Our Hunger To Belong, Natural Giving And Receiving, and Choose Love. When I share NVC in these circles, my aim is to bring a 'felt sense' of the principles and practices and consciousness in NVC, a living experience. 

I also hold 'Life Support' sessions with individuals and couples to support the practice of compassionate presence for all of life's unfoldings.  This brings a clarity of purpose and a 'putting the shoulder to the wheel' of this one precious life.


Through this practice I long to be present to other human beings and the more than human world.   I was raised in Southern Ireland and my father was a violent alcoholic.  Tell me, how does a little girl EVER build a life after witnessing such savage scenes with no means of rescue for my beautiful vulnerability and innocence? And what was alive for my father that physically attacking his family seemed like a strategy to have his needs fulfilled. Where were and where is our wider communities, where are the arms to hold you as a young one in those moments while the adults in pain around you are also supported?  In my view, we were and are living in impoverished times.  NVC has answered these questions for me, given me the practices to now hold the depth of my pain and grief and sadness and my own beauty as an adult and has brought so much inner peace and acquaintance with my own humanity.  A 'no wonder' response to all the pain and suffering. This portal I have travelled has left me in awe of the sparrows in my garden, the swifts that have flown to me all the way from Africa, the astounding beings that reside in animals.  And the honour of being present to the exquisite beauty at the heart of human being.

And so I have found my purpose in these times. To support the embracing of the fullness of what it is to be human through this shared reality of the disconnectedness in our culture. To equip ourselves with the skills and practices that enable us to find our voice and to bring our authenticity in a way that we are likely to be received. Ultimately to support the cultivation of compassion in our communities. 


My sense of purpose is that through this work, I long to support human beings towards a wholehearted life that embraces the fullness of their longings and supports them towards strategies in their lives that makes theirs and the life of all living beings wonderful. As I work with groups and individuals, even for an hour or a day, they tell me stories of the flow of compassion through them out into their families and communities.  This is our natural way of being and it's contagious.  I have never met Marshall, but every day I call on his love to support my work towards cultivation of peace in our communities.