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I have been practicing NVC since 2007. I became a Certified Trainer in 2011. I am part of the Trainer Candidate Community Path which is an assessing community for trainer candidates.  I have been part of this TCCP since 2010.  I have been married since 1983 and have three grown children. I have been a part of the Vashon Family Camp as a participant and a person giving offerings since 2010.  I enjoy guided meditations and have a 2 CD collection.  See my website for details.  I am currently an Assessor in Training.  I enjoy supporting integration of this consciousness with individuals, parents, families, students, teachers, faith communities, social change catalysts. I also enjoy supporting healing and restoration in its many forms along with awareness of trauma healing, 'time travel empathy', family constellation work, and reconciliation. I aspire to be curious and open to learning and perspectives and holding the needs with care.  


I offer classes and workshops to introduce Nonviolent Communication tools and consciousness. I am passionate about having practice groups for ongoing support, learning, connection and community.  I also volunteer at the Women's Prison in Washington to offer an empathic space for healing and learning.  I offer empathic coaching for individuals, couples and families.  I have worked with parents of all ages of children, in schools, with children and teens, in non-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Q Center in Silverdale, WA.  I have worked with teachers and administrators, with hospital residents at Swedish Hospital, with nursing students at the University of Washington Tacoma, with student leaders at the University of Puget Sound, with career support classes at Olympic Community College, in faith communities, and the YMCA.  I have offered themed classes and workshops along with introductory workshops and class series on NVC.  See my website for a list of examples of classes.  I also love to support projects and bring NVC into the project, rather than just formal trainings.    Video on You Tube:  emvideo-youtube-2UD2dmWw6SE.jpg


My mission is to work with people who are wanting to find practical tools for their situations and who want to find more inner peace and inner strength.  I believe strongly in the power of empathic spaces.   I believe empathy can heal the world.  I have experienced myself and others being able to come to their own inner wisdom when they've been held with care and room to be however they are.  I also want to let people know that there is a strategy out there that can be transformative.  I want to support people in their journeys of healing and reconciliation.  And I want people to know we don't need to learn a way of being, it is about remembering our naturally compassionate ways.  We all have everything we need within us.  I have a belief that we can increase our capacity to be with unmet needs and all feelings and become more self-empowered, aware, and responsive.  I strive to offer choice and welcome feedback.  I enjoy supporting people in self-care and self-empathy as they learn and grow.  I also support interpersonal understanding and connection, and support ways of creating social change where systems and structures support needs of all and the whole.


My vision is to offer places where people can experience empathy and honest expression and where we can co-explore ways to prioritize connection and shared power. I have seen and experienced much healing and joy by touching into the consciousness of Nonviolence and in learning the language of life.   I hope to show up in a way that is contributing to others as they find their inner wisdom and share their journey.  I have a strong belief that a mindfulness to practice nonviolence can bring about great changes for a person, their relationships, and systemic change which therefore brings more thriving for all in the world.  I believe the strategy of offering ongoing support and connection supports relationships.   Through experience and sharing self-empathy, empathy for others and honest self-expression in the consciousness of interdependence, shared power and natural giving, we can create a world where we are all held in compassion and connected in our humanity. I enjoy hearing what people's challenges are and seeing if some of the tools of Nonviolent Communication might support their learning and desired results.  I see NVC as my spiritual practice, where I want to stay open hearted and curious while increasing my awareness and exploring my learning places.  I see NVC as dynamic and evolving. And I also want to be in integrity with what Marshall brought to the world. That is why I aspire to be in community where there is feedback and care.  I am interested in supporting awareness of access to resources to meet needs.