Andrea Pro

Areas of Interest
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Spoken Languages
Public Message

Andrea offers community trainings and private sessions in which people learn skills to navigate their differences with connection. Skill sets people learn in her trainings include listening so people feel understood, expressing feelings and needs responsibly and authentically, and navigating dialogue to discover solutions that consider everyone. People who work with Andrea learn emotional regulation through a variety of practices and skills.

Andrea weaves together a variety of skills, modalities and information that guide people in engaging with their relationships as a creative process. She is especially skilled in supporting highly sensitive people in establishing a foundation of resilience and boundaries, while navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of relationships.

She offers sessions to couples and individuals by video conferencing anywhere in the world. Andrea offers warm and caring support that honors the unique qualities of each person she works with.


I envision a world in which our differences are a source of fascination, learning and new potential.