Lore Baur

School Teacher, NVC Workshop Facilitator, NVC Practice Group Facilitator, NVC Academy Call Coordinator

Iowa City, IA 52245
United States

Areas of Interest
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages
Public Message

Lore Baur ([email protected]) is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication and her particular interest is exploring NVC within the context of families, communities, and institutions. She is inspired by the transformative justice movement which acknowledges that we are in complex relationships of the oppressor and the oppressed, domination and dominated, and that a plethora of social issues comes to bear in conflict. 

In her community, Lore trains students and staff in Restorative Circles, is a supporter of the Catholic Worker movement, and offers NVC training to youth organizations, prisons, activists, and agencies. Lore has been a team member of the NVC Academy since 2010, and has had the good fortune to support NVC trainers and community members from around the world.

In addition to her work with NVC, Lore loves learning how the natural world works and has a strong interest in science and nature which led her to get a masters degree in science education. She has spent three decades in the classroom teaching science and supporting youth in learning. As a classroom facilitator, Lore speaks openly about topics that often go unaddressed in groups and revels in the risk and vulnerability young people undertake as they seek connection.

Lore loves animals and is known to gently move ants out of her way in the kitchen. She will almost always say “Yes!” and loves flowers, food, songs, kid humor and a good giggle fit. Lore’s core intertwined themes in life are spirituality, curiosity and transformation. Her journey has included being a parent of two children (now adults), one of which has quadriplegia.  As a parent and primary caregiver, Lore advocates for the rights and awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.