Alice Sheldon

Training for organisations large and small

Bristol, London,
United Kingdom

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United Kingdom

My expertise is teaching groups. I get to know you quickly, understand which bits of NVC will most serve you, and then teach you exactly what you need to know. Give me three hours and I can teach you enough to make a significant difference.

I have been a teacher, a barrister and Chief Exec of a charity. I have an MA in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Oxford. I taught NVC for several years to parents, and now work in organisations including schools and businesses.

Please do visit my website to see if I am a good fit for you.


The larger vision I am always working towards:

  • A world guided by kindness, joy, empathy, respect, integrity, courage, and love.
  • A world which works for everybody in it, and for the natural environment.
  • A world where everyone has the chance to share their unique gifts and talents.
  • A world where everyone knows that they matter, and that they belong.