Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca

01-357 Warsaw

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Me and NVC:
I came across NVC for the first time early in 2007 at School of Trainers of Personal Development set up by Ewa Panufnik and Lucyna Wieczorek. I was totally taken by the idea that it was possible to care for others and self in the same time, that judgments about others could be translated into life- and connection-serving language. Especially that the notion of ahimsa and of not judging others was somehow ingrained in me ever since I remember.   
First I started to implement the approach into my everyday life; with my husband, parents, children. The first success was that I managed to get across to my father and change our relations from cold to whole-hearted. I then started to be NVC with my children, ever since they were born; Ja in 2008 and Susie in 2011. It touches my heart to see how they care for each other now, how they look for solutions that include both of them. They are both using the NVC language as if it was the most natural thing to do. Seeing these miracles in action, I took up any opportunity I could to study NVC and so I took part in workshops offered by Ania Mills, Ewa Orowska, Miki Kashtan, Nada Ignatovic, Marianne Gothlin, Liv Larsson, Kay Rung, Eva Rambala as well as had the privilege to meet Marshal in person, when he offered his last IIT in Europe in 2009.  
I now use my experience with my children to share NVC with parents. I am happy to be able to give the example of how it is possible to move from right-wrong paradigm to focus on needs.   
Every now and then I offer NVC introductory workshops, but what I enjoy most is working with those who are curious and persistent enough to bring this approach fully into their life. I've offered regular workshops on topics like authenticity, shame, gratitude, vulnerability, etc. Taking inspiration from tele-classes with Miki Kashtan and my zen-coaching practice, I thoroughly enjoy shared inquiry into topics that are very alive for me as well. This is where I have most opportunities to share the spiritual basis of NVC too. I work with the beauty of needs, starting with just being with what is, experiencing the moment, getting grounded, before moving out into the world of the other. It thrills me to see deep transformation among the participants of my workshops; into radical self-acceptance or real gratitude.  
Looking at it from the Social Change perspective I see my work as planting seeds, that grow and can give crops in places I'm unable to predict. I want to believe that what I do contributes to more peaceful relationships among people and with children in particular. That is why I happily accepted, when Ola Baginska invited me to join her Fundacja Swiadomego Rozwoju as a board member. The Foundation aims at setting up an NVC School and focuses on supporting NVC related activities in Poland.   
I have a great enthusiasm for sharing NVC with others, as a trainer and a person. I hope to create a social change by reaching kindergartens, schools, universities (teachers in the learning). I also hope to start introducing NVC into a workplace. I'm cooperating with the NVC network in Poland, both formally in frame of Akademia NVC, and informally cooperating with other trainers on individual workshops.   
I'm still developing my practice along with taking care for my children, but as soon as they become more independent I want to use the extra time to offer free workshops to reach those, who could not afford this otherwise.  

What I am doing now with NVC:  
Until recently I was offering workshops to general public - both introductory, short offerings on specific topics (e.g. anger, shame or self-acceptance), as well as programs for parents. I have also offered coaching, which is based on NVC and zen-coaching. As of Oct 2014 I've engaged in supporting an NVC and Montessori kindergarten in Warsaw - mainly being the change - by modelling interactions with children, coaching teachers, supporting teacher-parent talks as well as facilitating interpersonal processes.  


I'm dreaming of a social change around raising children compassionately. My work in the kindergarten as well as a project that I run with other Polish trainers reflects that. Were thinking big - we want to to raise public awareness about NVC approach with children through social campaign, a documentary, tv programs, articles, blog entries and workshops. Targeting parents, teachers, students learning to become teachers, paediatrics doctors, etc.

I'm happy to receive inspiration in this area from others who share the dream.