Susan Kaplan, MSW, MPA, RYT

Certified CNVC Trainer
Listening & Leading From Within LLC

P.O. Box 102379
DENVER, CO 80210-2379
United States

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Emotional Intelligence
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Violence Prevention
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As a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer with CNVC, my practice is entitled, Listening & Leading Within, LLC.  I am affiliated with Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network as a Accredited Facilitator, and I co-lead the Restorative Conversations Circle and the Equity & Inclusion Circle.

Currently I provide a range of support and training through coaching, training, facilitating, and custom designing programs that support living compassion.  Currently I offer:

Restorative Conversations for Families and Organizations, i.e. Shifting from Drama Triangle to Empowerment Dynamic (inspired by Restorative Justice)

Personal and Collective/Communal Grief support, workshops and retreats

Leadership Development & emergent leadership models providing Training & Coaching

Professional, Staff and Organizational Development offerings - Living  Compassionate Presence with NVC principles and practices

Communication as a Spiritual Practice® - integrating Jewish Midrash & Mysticism and Yoga Sutras with NVC principles & practices

Congregational and Clergy support with Leadership Development, Building Healthy & Resilient Communities, and Healing support for challenging dynamics in congregational communities

Equity & Inclusion training, support & coaching and White to White Conversations about Race

Support for Social Change Leaders and organizations

Healing support for congregations, community groups, organizations, families, couples and individuals

Parent and Family training and coaching support

Court Mandated Training for Parents doing through Divorce or Separation - how to extricate yourself from conflict

Teacher, Staff & School Support and Early Childhood Educators support, training and coaching

Graduate course, Introduction to Nonviolent Communication for the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

World cafés and NVC

In addition to Nonviolent Communication, I am affiliated with:

Courage & Renewal Facilitator, Center for Courage & Renewal ~ Retreats, Leading Together to build Relational Trust, Healing the Heart of Democracy, Peer Learning Circles, Engaging & Healing Differences, Mentor, and Soul of Aging;

Professional Storytelling - Story Listener & Storyteller®, working with personal, collective and cultural stories;

Yoga Instructor, 200 hours, focusing on Hatha Yoga and mindfulness practices;

Walk & Talk Sessions incorporating places of beauty with coaching, and;

Peacemaker Institute, Two year certification program.


I hope to support individuals, couples, families, organizations, congregations and communities with practical skills and shifts in awareness to support your learning, healing, growing relationships and other needs you might have.

This can happen via coaching, restorative conversations, trainings, facilitated circles, envisioning and creating new rituals to support what you hope to build.

Practice, Practice and Practice!  We unlearn and learn in order to create a deeper relational trust within our self, with others, within communal groups and as a society.


Growing up as a peacemaker in my family, I learned that my intention to stay in connection is what created a higher quality of relationship. 

I envision a time when compassion loving kindness, stillness and engagement, and social justice integrate to provide us all with a greater sense of well beingness!

I value and honor being able to work with you to create more authenticity and alignment with values of peace, nonviolence and well beingness for all.


Since we are all interconnected, I pull on both the seen & the unseen - the visible and the invisible - to help us come together towards this more peaceful time. 

As Joanna Macy has shared with us the call for The Great Turning, to support a time for us to truly have a healthy planet, healthy relationships and social justice.