Simon McKibbin aka Sinhaketu

NVC, Mindfulness and Focusing Trainer and Mentor
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United Kingdom

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On a training event many years ago, I was very touched by Marshall's ability to empathise and connect with an individual who could only moan loudly when in distress to the point where this man was able to find his balance and humanity. I was so moved by this I was inspired to become a trainer to offer this quality of presence to the world. This vision of presence and connection has become my North Star, and key passion in life. I certified in NVC in 2005. I am also certified in Focusing and Mindfulness, of which I have 30 years experience both as practitioner and teacher. Mindfulness and Focusing enables my approach to NVC to be fully embodied with a focus on Presence and quality of Being. I have been passionately intergrating NVC into a Focusing based Mindfulness approach in Cambridge University where I am based in Mindfulness teaching. With community being one of my core values, I have founded the Irish NVC Community National Gatherings. I facilitate a number of NVC community building projects (noteably the year long KLC, Knowing, Living, Connecting) courses at An Tionol and Focusing Community building at Slieve Aughty in County Galway, Ireland. I am currently director of Mindfulness for Cambridge Inner Game Leadership Consultancy where I also intergrate NVC into the teaching approach. I am part of a team offering training to blue chip companies like Google and Microsoft. I love to help individuals and couples through One to One Phone and Coaching Skype for Recovery and Wellness (depression, anxiety, panic attacks) & NVC courses for Life Skills (interpersonal relationships and communication). I run my own training and development consultancy


To support you, your community (organisation) to become the most resourceful, creative and empowered you/it can based on needs-based awareness and Presence.


To continue to express and explore my 'authentic self' making some effort to challenge my comfort zones, and to fully enjoy living.  In this context NVC is one of my primary reference points and inspirations. 


I am inspired to share my experience in NVC as it has been such a gift in my life.  I aim to bring NVC alive within those contexts that I frequent .... Meditation, Life Coaching and Professional development, and not least of all in my personal relationships with those around me. If you would like to know more about me and what makes me tick check out this link: Best wishes, Simon