Marion Riehemann

Senior Executive Coach, Trainer, Mediator

Middleton, WI 53562
United States

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
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United States
Public Message

I am German and living in the US. I am a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and work as Senior Executive Coach and Trainer. I am dedicated to bringing NVC principles into leadership and business. These two books: Reinventing Organizations (F. Laloux) and Deliberately Developmental Organizations (R. Keagan) are describing the kind of organizational culture I am helping to emerge. 


I have set out to become a coach and trainer in business, that is confident enough to work with leaders and teams with much responsibility and influence. In the past few years, I have gained experience in the leadership training field and have knowledge of powerful tools and training formats that - combined with nvc principles and knowledge - make a deep difference in leadership and team consciousness. I have developed a coaching training program that is based on systemic-constructivist thought and integrates nvc a lot. One of my next steps will be to create a coaching training solely based on nvc and mindful leadership. I am seeking other nvc trainers with training and experience in the business and leadership field, who want to join me in my new network in order to bring forth an empathic business and leadership consciousness in the world.


I have chosen a mission to bring nvc, empathy and mindful consciousness into organizations and the business world. I am helping to catalyze new empathic leadership consciousness and to create fearless organizations. 


I am looking for nvc trainers who want to bring nvc based leadership programs into the world, business and organizations. I am in the process of setting up an international network where qualified trainers and coaches are a part of a connected network in order to make a difference in organizations and contribute to social change. This network will have its base in Germany, and includes trainers and coaches from all over the world. Let us put our energy and skills together in order to create a world that really works.