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I used to be a town-planner and a quality manager, and I contriibuted to creat a co-housing project. When I came back to work after my eldest daughter's birth, my boss had lost trust in me, and my team was stressed out. We were all living in a world of demands, high energy demands. Luckily, a very good friend of mine spent hours listening to me ; and she sometimes ended suggesting me to train myself to NVC. NVC ? For months, I couldn't make the link between what I was living and any kind of communication. Why should I train myself when that was the others' fault ? But one day, I followed her suggestion. Thanks to Véronique Brusorio, I'm writing to you today. After my first training with Pascale Molho, I was very surprised to be able to listen to people « seeing them beautiful », and able to assert myself in front of my boss after the second one ! I began sharing NVC in 2007, assisting certified trainers, and in 2009 offering practice groups. Today, I'm yearning for combining NVC with all those facets of my life, contributing to create life serving systems in the following fields  : in us couple's life parenting and education supporting people with handicap networks of those who dream of and act for another world : co-housings and eco-villages, transition, and social and fair economy actors town-planning, for creative preconcert companies, mainly for quality process in order to see clients' complaints beautiful !