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Practicing the NCV process in my daily life ; taking care of my needs and my energy (and my planning!), in order to be able to open my heart to the rest of the world is an every day thrilling challenge to me,
Sharing my doubts, fears, celebrations and mourning with others ; colleagues and trainees, to learn together and offer and receive support and empathy,
Planning walks, moments of meditation, dancing, singing or playing ; alone and with others,
Starting sessions for beginners with an activity about our intention : the connection between us (before any result)!
Slowing down the rhythm in training sessions, enabling us to feel the beauty and energy of our needs,
Trying my best to welcome any part of me or anyone else that needs love, care and attention, whatever the expression or experience it comes with.

My NVC activities today :

A mix of training sessions on NVC basics (module 1, 2 and 3 in France), deepening sessions (saying and receiving a no, anger...), mediation and NVC training in medium and primary schools (adults, teens and children), individual counselling sessions and a 4 day seminar Women coming alive : NVC and femininity in July 2016 with my 2 French colleagues Estelle Bessin and Sophie Rousseau.



Living NVC and creating life serving systems:

within myself : in continuing my personal development every day,
with my partner and children, in my family,
in the French-speaking NVC community,
as I speak and write English and French fluently, I would love to contribute building bridges between communities (Holland, France, Africa, CNVC…),
in parenting and education
by individual counselling, and,
in the relationship between men and women!


Share, with the precedent and actual generation of trainers, the responsibility and the flame of preserving the integrity and the quality of the process Marshall passed on to us for future generations!


Autumn 2007. Our daugther is 5 years old, our son 2. When I observe myself being a mother, I often feel confused and sad. I vary in shouting, menacing and humiliating my kids and then excusing myself. Deep inside, I know that I do not want to be such a mother and at the same time, I do not know how to act differently. I realize I never learnt how to.

The words non violent communication slip back into my mind. Words I heard for the 1st time during a course on organic gardening at Pierre Rabhis home in the year 2000. I enter them into my computer and decide to offer myself and my husband a first 2 day training as a Christmas present. Our trainer, Eliane Regis, can still recall how perfectly enthusiastic I was while learning the basics of NVC on that weekend in March 2008! On the 2nd day, I declared wanting to become a certified trainer, eager as I felt to share my newly discovered treasure with others !!

My husband and I joined a practice group in January 2009. I began sharing NVC from that very day, co-animating this practice group as well as offering workshops to discover NVC in my town around the theme how to communicate differently as a parent? I joined the French-speaking certification program in France in 2011, assisting certified trainers in my region (Paris). Since 2012, co-animating or alone, I offer NVC training in the educational system – especially about peer mediation to teens and adults, in various medium schools where physical and verbal violence are really high.

In the meantime, I also completed the 3 year course Individual counselling with NVC with certified trainers Hélène Domergue Tappolet and Isabelle Padovani. I received my certificate in July 2014 and take a tremendous joy in offering my capacity on healing wounds of the past and the present to an ever growing number of people. The link between training groups and supporting individuals during consultations with NVC really makes sense to me!