Jared Finkelstein

Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Berkeley, CA 94708
United States

Areas of Interest
CNVC Certification
Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Violence Prevention
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
United States
Czech Republic
Public Message
  • Homes, classrooms, and workplaces where people experience safety, trust, and respect are the building blocks for a peaceful world.  I offer my experience and presence to projects that bring together people for the purpose of discovering how to accomplish this. 


  • Heartful Families - Free and consistent virtual opportunities to integrate the Nonviolent Communication practice into your life, and to experience meaningful participation in a compassionate community.


  • Teach for Life: NVC Educators Institute - Providing educational professionals with practical experience and hands-on processes for facilitating vibrant and compassionate classrooms—places where students, teachers and parents thrive.


  • Family HEART Camp - Teaching life skills for reaching across differences, resolving conflicts, and building more long-lasting, meaningful family connections.


  • CHOICE -  A pocket sized field guide for personal reflection, and navigating the polarization of our world and our collective interdependence.


  • Quality of Connection - Facilitated support to help hearing and being heard to everyone's satisfaction.
  • As a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication I support our organization by living Nonviolent Communication to the best of my understanding, and by contributing to the continued integrity of NVC embodiment by offering training and continuing education.


  • As a member of the Operation Support Circle and a Program Lead for One Big Circle’s projects, I strive to cultivate a cooperative culture of compassion by making our mutual interdependence unmistakable.


  • As a sole proprietor of Quality of Connection I help individuals, couples, and small groups with facilitated support to increase the likelihood that all parties can hear one another to each other's satisfaction.

In a connected world what is most important is the quality of our connection.