Lori Woodley

Trainer, Coach & Mediator

Kansas City, MO
United States

Areas of Interest
Spiritual Growth
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United States
Public Message

I am committed to helping others to connect to themselves, and to others because I have witnessed and experienced the power, transformation and deep healing that results from authentic connection. One of my favorite moments in life is witnessing someone connecting to their universal needs.  For me I have a sense of connection in that moment that is unlike any other moment.  I am sure of two things - that the moment is real and that I want more of these moments.


Peace Matters is an alternative ministry of peace dedicated to empowering others to know their true power which lies within them. 


Mission: To hold a container for others to connect to what is alive within them and to connect to others at the level of universal needs by teaching NVC, and providing coaching and mediation services.


Celebrating a world of peace where everyone matters.