Anne Bruneau

I give NVC workshops supervise teams, give conferences, do live and parental coaching, mediation and individual counseling (CNV/IFS)

rue des Brebis, 65
1170 Brussels

Areas of Interest
Restorative Justice
Spiritual Growth
Violence Prevention
Spoken Languages
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Public Message

After working as a teacher of French, first for adult foreign people and then in secondary schools, I decided to stop teaching and started some social work with young people. I encountered NVC in 1999 and it determined my future life and professional path. Now, I have a part time salaried job; I work in a prevention department. In secondary schools, I manage projects which help young people express themselves. More precisely, I manage talk shops and conflict management animations and I train classroom delegates. I also work part time as an independent trainer: I work in schools; I train teams of teachers and manage workshops for young people. I work a lot in the field of youth assistance, with teams of educators (training, supervision) in different departments. I work in a multicultural environment (human rights and childrens rights organisations, anti-racist organisations, and peace and development organisations). I also work in the field of mothers' help and auxiliary nurses. One of my most important present and future project is based on restorative circles. I followed training with Dominic Barter and I immediately felt that it could reinforce my work in the area of social change. I have 2 projects going on in Senegalese prisons and one with childrens judges  and people working in justice houses, also in Senegal. I would like to propose that approach to the Belgian Justice authorities too, especially with young people. I like very much working in Senegal and Id like to contribute to other projects in Africa (in RDC, Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroun …) and also to find opportunities to collaborate with other trainers from all over the world (for the time being, in French-speaking countries and later in other parts of the world