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My NVC path started in year 2003 by reading the book from Marshall Rosenberg.  I started to visit workshops and practice groups for NVC and slowly found myself deeper and deeper in the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication and noticed how NVC become a part of my life. Somehow there was no turning back - a change had taken place.

To communicate mindfully and consciously, to be in touch with feelings and needs - a path to self-empowerment, connection and vitality. Empathy, honesty and gratitude are the sources of strength in my everyday life. I'm passionate about the transformative power of NVC in human relationships (in families, partnership, neighborhood, working place, society).

I'm an active member in the Austrian NVC organization ( and part of several self-learning practice groups. Being a part of a likeminded (and sometimes not so likeminded) group of people is in my opinion essential for the learning of NVC.

I'm a certified trainer in adult education and business training and a life coach. Focusing Practitioner.

My offers: Counseling and coaching in one2one setting, counseling for couples and individuals. A practice group in Vienna, introduction workshops and workshops for advanced learners who want to dive deeper in the world of NVC.