Timothy Regan

Certified NVC Trainer, Counselor, Coach, and Group Facilitator

Pacifica, CA
United States

Areas of Interest
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Public Message

Hello There!

Thank you for visiting CNVC to explore who we are and what we stand for.

Welcome to a wide and deep network of people who are practicing awareness and language that connects you and I with honor and courage and kindness.

I've been a Certified Trainer with CNVC since 2017.

If you want to hear my voice and my work, you can visit the archives page of my radio program Talk It Out Radio on KPFA in Berkeley, California:


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my services as an NVC Trainer.

Be well and may the presence of compassion move through you and leave you fully alive today!



I invite anyone interested in my mission to contact me for a conversation in which we explore what is most important to you for your family, business, partnership, or group.  Out of this clarity we imagine together what is possible to create the fulfillment of your longings with the skills and principles of Nonviolent Communication.


I invite people together to experience our shared human nature and beloging by practicing the skills and principles of honesty, empathy, self-compassion, shared decision-making, collaboration, music, mourning, and celebrating.


We accept, honor, and celebrate our human nature as one with the life of the Earth, and our words and actions arise from this unity.

Through our living, we steward all life around us by creating restorative and regenerative systems of economy, governance, justice, education, art, peace, energy, food, and fun.