Paulette Bray-Narai

Communication Trainer and Relationship Coach

Coorabell, Byron Bay NSW 2479

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
Public Message

I contribute to peace and social change in the world by practising, promoting and sharing Compassionate Communication locally near Byron Bay and further afield.  Whether it be with parents, couples, individuals or in the workplace, I establish a safe and respectful learning space to facilitate real growth and change in those present.  I also provide ongoing support in person and via skype for anyone wanting to live in alignment with their values, with more joy and compassion, authenticity and trust. I  created the colourful and useful Ah Ha needs cards in 2012 which have added an element of beauty, fun and ease to practising NVC for young and old and in varied settings.  Visit my website to see pictures.


Through my practice I facilitate regular Foundation Trainings: Compassionate Communication for Healthy Relationships as well as advanced trainings Applying the Skills and Navigating Pitfalls, weekly group coaching, individual tutoring and conflict resolution support and mediation. I also support parents and Parenting with Compassion is  a popular workshop exploring NVC parenting approaches. I also respond to requests to travel and share Compassionate Communication trainings in other locations.   As an enthusiastic life long learner of NVC I continue to attend trainings and extend my learning and skill development and share my learnings with those who attend my trainings.    


I support the growth of NVC locally and further afield through offering trainings, coaching, conflict resolution support and mediation, and responding to requests to travel and share Compassionate Communication trainings in other locations.   I am a life long learner of NVC myself and recognise I contribute to the growth of NVC through modeling it to my children and others by  my own  compassionate expression in daily life.


With more and more people learning the skills of Compassionate Communication and relating with a genuine regard for everyone's needs being precious, I am excited to envision a growing momentum toward peace and compassionate connection the world over.  In choosing my logo being a person joyfully throwing seeds that grow flowers of compassion, I'm reflecting my intention to contribute to a world where compassion blooms and all living beings flourish.