Susie Spiller


13 Erangi Place
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New Zealand

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I look forward to sharing with you an approach that has been crafted over a lifetime of practice, including 20 years working with somatic movement, (how the body informs the mind) to change embedded patterns that limit effectiveness.

This has culminated in the last decade in becoming a certified trainer with the CNVC, a master facilitator of The Virtues Project, and many years of training across a variety of platforms too numerous to name. However this includes NVC, Facilitation, Yoga , Virtues, Permaculture and living in sustainable and not so sustainable communities.

In a nutshell this is next level resilience and embodiment for effectiveness to traverse stress and communication challenges and the way they impact our systems.

Please email if your curious [email protected]


We support you to discover tools to help you create authentic communication at work, become a better listener, speak up for yourself, handle conflict with patience and ease and create fun in your relationships. We builds bridges. NVC  is a language that will strengthen your relationships and enrich your life.

  • How to transform anger into connection (from both sides)
  • Empathetic listening – how to hear what the other is saying, no matter how they express it
  • How to deeply listen to ourselves, to the depth of what is important to us, and how to communicate that in a way that fosters compassion and cooperation.
  • How to care for ourselves and for our children/ family/work colleagues at the same time
  • How to stand clearly for our boundaries without using threats or punishments. Being humans together
  • How to create peaceful dialogues that include and connect us all

 to step towards the mystery inside ourselves and to tend ~ to our inner garden
~ to be compassionate in our discovery and to maybe learn ~ to speak more from the heart
~ to get back into nature and beyond our everyday home comforts,
~ to find some solace in the unknown.
~ to embrace what we’ve learnt and what we will learn together and . . . .
~ to take our learning's out into the wider community to make a difference in this world.

This is a time for movers, shakers and mystery makers to get together and weave some magic.