Andrea Scheuringer

Psychotherapist, Supervisor, CNVC Trainer, Scientist; http:/

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4100 Ottensheim

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I am very glad to be part of the international CNVC-Trainer-Community. I am also a member of the Austrian NVC-Network ( This fullfills my needs of being part of, contribution, mutuality and community. In my region I am part of a long years lasting NVC-practice-group and a group of trainers starts 2017 to meet and to share in our region Upper-Austria.  Our needs we want to get met and we want to share are: developement, fairness, orientation on group-processes (the most alive need is the most important), mutuality, positive regard, enthusiasm, continuity, confidentiality, openness.

Trust and safety is also very important for us. I am an independent Psychottherapist (Individuals, pairs and groups also), Supervisor and Trainer working in Linz, Ottensheim and around. The work with people having Dementia and Alzheimer disease is also a very special part of my work since years.  I have a lot of experience with Pre-Therapy. My long years experience  (for 25 years) out of my profession as Socialpadagogue gives me a good ground to understand the needs of families, children and young people as well.  


One of my social change goal is, that I am staying part of NVC-Networks and practicing-groups (in Linz and Ottensheim) to exchange, extend and contribute to NVC-wisdom. Next goal, which is very important for me is to be supportive with NVC to people, working with people in different contexts (Psychotherapists, Socialpadagogues, Socialworkers, Caring).

I work there as a Multiplier for Collegues and also for the Trainer in advance (candidates). 

It is also very important for me to get more and more part of groups creating different systems as well in schools or education projects with NVC and on the base professional teams. Research and Evaluation is also a big part of that kind of work. This fullfills safety and care. My work as a Psychotherapist (Rogerian Therapist) is very connected with NVC, and is part of my social-change-goals, too: „The most personal is the most general Cit. Carl R. Rogers.


I love letting processes flow into experiences , everybody wants /and is able to feel at the moment and everbody feels free enough making spiritual experiences on their own. I dontt want to force anything.

My personal need is to support people to feel this freedom (of faith).