SA19 8BJ
United Kingdom

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages

to support  NVC within the UK through: events, courses,  funding opportunities and initiatives, networking opportunities, and any other such offerings for the co-creation of community, connection, sharing, learning,  mutual support and healing within NVC consciousness

to value and support the vision of Giraffe Social Enterprises equally to the needs of the individuals and members of the CIC

to encourage and support connection and contribution across all ages by valuing the needs of young people [children and teenagers] as equal to those of adults

to invite and support NVC facilitators of all experiences  to contribute and share NVC events and to act as a platform for sharing information about further NVC trainings and trainers throughout the UK

to prioritize the use of sustainable site facilities where possible

to fund outreach work where possible that directly contributes to supporting NVC within the wider community


To offer courses and events as creativity, inspiration and energy emerges to do so and to run an annual Giraffle see here:
And as within our vision we are deeply welcoming of the ideas and creativity of others to create and support a wide range of NVC offerings within the UK…So, if you are someone sharing NVC with an idea for an event of some kind and would like collaboration, connection and community in developing your idea, please do contact gayano on 01558 650747 or [email protected]
…and if you are someone longing for an NVC event/course/workshop/offering of any kind – that you have an idea of what you would really like – then please do contact gayano as above, to see how we as an NVC community can create and manifest something that would work for you…
All ideas, longings, yearnings, welcome…
It is in the shelter of each other that the people live anon.


Giraffe Social Enterprises is a Community Interest Company (reg no. tba) committed to supporting people of all ages backgrounds and financial means who are aspiring to develop communication skills through the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)