Aukje Byker


454 Driscoll Terrace
Peterborough ON K9H 1T7

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NVC has helped me have clarity about the choices I make, the way I respond to others and how to respond to conflict.  Knowing that others are trying to meet their needs and using whatever strategies they have (even if they are not strategies that I enjoy) helps me stay in a place of compassion.  And being compassionate with myself helps me greatly in being compassionate with others.


I have found that most people benefit greatly from learning to have more self compassion and so I offer workshops on self compassion.  I believe that when we are better able to be self compassionate, we are also able to be more compassionate with others.  I would like to support others who are sharing NVC in the world and am available to do that in different ways depending on what works best in that situation.  I also want to find ways to share NVC with populations who might not have easy access to it or support those who are already working with these populations in bringing NVC to them.


I long for a world where  everyone's needs matter.  I long for a a new power paradigm where everyone is included, where everyone has their basic needs of shelter, food, physical safety etc., met.  I want to help create this word and think that a start is to really listen with empathy to both those in power and those who have little power in this world.  I  believe that this can help them get in touch with their needs and to develop strategies that better serve them and others as well.