Rachelle Lamb

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Victoria BC V8T 1Y3

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Thank you for stopping by to learn about me. For the past 20 years I have been working with clients privately as well as offering public trainings and in house trainings. Most of my work takes place in the province of BC where I reside as well as in my native birthplace of Ottawa Ontario.

I have devoted over 40 years to the study of human development, relationship dynamics and the significant roles that culture and ecology play in people's lives. I am deeply interested in language and how it shapes us along with the socio-cultural narratives and values that we inherit. These significantly impact how we conduct our lives and relate to each other and to the world. The more aware we are of these influences, the more effectively we can identify and address the issues that plague us.

My approach to Nonviolent Communication includes lessons learned from cultural anthropology, mythology, poetry, storytelling and deep ecology. Please visit my website to learn more.