Daren De Witt

CNVC Certified Trainer

72 St Marys Terrace
TN34 3LS
United Kingdom

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Emotional Intelligence
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United Kingdom
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I have been a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication since 2003.  I am passionate about sharing NVC with others, and supporting people to deepen their understanding and experience of themselves, and others, so that we may all co-exist in peaceful harmony on this fragile earth! 

I live in Hastings and have an office/counselling room in London, UK.  I see people individually and run trainings in both Hastings and London and occasionally further afield.  I offer:

  • NVC training for the general public - view upcoming NVC public trainings on my website via the link above
  • NVC 1to1 coaching in Hastings or London, or online.
  • Conflict Management and Communication Skills training for organisations, based on NVC principles
  • Relationship Counselling (I have a diploma in Relationship Counselling, alongside my NVC skills)
  • Anger Management Coaching/Counselling
  • Constellations workshops and 1to1 sessions - see a page on my website for more info
  • Peer Mediation for Schools, as well as conflict resolution training for staff and students

Email me for more information, if you are interested in any of the above - my email address is a few above this.


I run Nonviolent Communication trainings for the general public and organisations.  Visit my website - listed above - for more information. 


To share Nonviolent Communication with people from all walks of life through public trainings and organisational trainings.  Also, to support people individually in 1-to-1 sessions to work through any upsetting or distressing issues / situations in which they are involved, so that they may develop more peace and harmony within themselves and with others.


My vision is a world where everyone's needs are being met through mutual giving, and where we are living in a respectful, sustainable and harmonious relationship with the planetary eco-system of which we are a part.