Daren De Witt

CNVC Certified Trainer

16 Ainsworth Rd
E9 7LP
United Kingdom

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Emotional Intelligence
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United Kingdom
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I have been a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication since 2003.  I am passionate about sharing NVC with others, and supporting people to deepen their understanding and experience of themselves, and others, so that we may all co-exist in peaceful harmony on this fragile earth!  I live and work in London, UK and further afield.  I offer: - NVC training for the general public - view upcoming NVC public trainings via the link further below - Conflict Management and Communication Skills training for organisations, based on NVC principles - Mediation in both organisational and private contexts, for individuals and groups - Relationship Counselling (I have a diploma in Relationship Counselling, alongside my NVC skills) - Peer Mediation for Schools, as well as conflict resolution training for staff and students - Anger Management Coaching/Counselling Email me for more information, if you are interested in any of the above - my email address is a few lines further down from here.


I run Nonviolent Communication trainings for the general public and organisations.  Visit my website for more information.  I also run a counselling / coaching practice from a venue near my home (newly located in North West London, NW11).


To share Nonviolent Communication with people from all walks of life through public trainings and organisational trainings.  Also, to support people individually in 1-to-1 sessions to work through any upsetting or distressing issues / situations in which they are involved, so that they may develop more peace and harmony within themselves and with others.


My vision is a world where everyone's needs are being met through mutual giving, and where we are living in a respectful, sustainable and harmonious relationship with the planetary eco-system of which we are a part.