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My business name is HearTalk. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is about connecting heart to heart. It offers tools to hear and talk in ways that create mutual understanding.

I have always longed for deeper human connections. According to Virginia Satir, the Mother of Family Therapy, "We connect because of our similarities. We grow because of our differences."

When I learned from Marshall Rosenberg that basic "needs" are  universal, i.e. the same for all human beings, I saw "needs" as a key to finding similarities that connect us. Other words I use for "needs" are "values," "what's really important," and "longings."  NVC is also an acronym for "Needs and Values Consciousness."

We share needs for safety, freedom, meaning, and community.

We all value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and love.

We long to be able, to be real, to be happy, and to belong.

Speaking our values and listening for what's really important to others can create heart felt connection, mutuality, learning, and contributing to one another. I agree with Marshall that contributing is one of our greatest needs. 

When someone says,"I hate you. You're a liar and a creep." are they  meaning that they value honesty and want to be trusted to handle the truth? You'll never know unless you ask.


I offer public introductions to NVC called "Communicating to Connect."  Contact me if you would like to set up a training, a private consultation, mediation, restorative justice circle, or coaching through a conversation with a friend, loved one, or advisory.