Rodger H Sorrow

Trainer and Assessor In Training
Choose Connection

100 N La Cumbre, #16
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
United States

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Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritual Growth
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United States
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CNVC Certified Trainer from Santa Barbara, California, USA

Rodger Sorrow is a certified trainer for The Center for Nonviolent Communication and co-founder of Choose Connection.  He brings an abundance of knowledge and skills from education, training and experience combined with enthusiasm and compassion.

His leadership experience includes: Director of Treatment for the Drug Rehabilitation Program for the Thirteenth Naval District of the United States Navy, Asst. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation of the State California, Consultant to Western Washington University's Multi Ethnic Cross Cultural Awareness training of staff for the Dept of Social Health Services for the State of Washington, and District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America where he taught consensus and community building leadership skills for 10 years.

Rodger's style combines humor, laughter and play with learning. He shares his love of the outdoors through a Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education class, 'Nature, Hiking and Self-Healing', a true adventure in self-discovery. Current projects include sharing NVC with the men in a residential substance abuse program and bringing NVC into the Cesar Chavez Charter School. He has also worked with the folks at a local homeless shelter and the Santa Barbara County Jail. Rodger is available for private sessions with individuals, couples, families, and training with groups and organizations.


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Live NVC consciousness.


Peace on the planet.  People working together to get everyone's needs met.  All of us taking the time to connect with the Source Energy in us and each other.  All of us integrating compassion for ourselves and each other and knowing we are ONE.