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Mukti specialises in intimate relationships - she is a Certified CNVC Trainer and Coach and an accredited Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist. 

Mukti was trained extensively by the founder of NVC, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and also co-trained internationally with him.  Her expertise, passion and highly developed specialist skills are directed at inter-generational and couple relationships - of all configurations and orientations.  Her original HR and general management career in corporations and private business also enable her to provide a diverse resource for family business and partnership conflict and mediation. 

You can access her courses, resources and coaching or therapy services in person and/ or via online.  She was one of the first 4 trainers certified by CNVC in Australia and a co-founder and designer of Embodying NVC Consciousness. Which simply goes to show how enthusiastic she is about new leading edge, practical resources and learning. Plus how much she loves to develop sound learning and support resources for others.

Look for Connection Essentials, her flagship NVC Foundation Training equivalent, online course. Suitable for experienced NVCer's looking for the practical spirituality and intimacy nuances of NVC, as well as those new to NVC.

Mukti brings many fine distinctions and easy methods to bring NVC consciousness to your life and love. Keep in touch with her to catch opportunities to join the small live groups she leads online and in-person.

Visit her website to download the free guide to realigning and reigniting connection.  

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To facilitate NVC to be learned far and wide regardless of location and without cost being prohibitive. To this end Mukti provides online learning, coaching, mediation and private support to individuals (primarily adults and young people), couples and family groups.  


Mukti's vision: I see intimate relationships as a powerfu force in our world. Together through generations they form an irrevocable system which humanity cannot escape. We are born into an intimate relationship, starting with our parents.  So everyone has them!

The bond of our parents is the space in which we grow up. That is shaped by past generations and has far reaching implications for many generations to come.

As a species we are wired for this level of interaction. We seek it out. We need this and thrive on it.

Healthy loving bonds in intimate relationships are a fundamental foundation for a peaceful engaged world.

In other words, the more secure and safe the bond is between adults and parents (including those no longer living together) ultimately the more peaceful and thriving the lives of all in our community.  

NVC makes an enormous contribution to establishing positive connected cycles of relating. So it fuels the quality of life you can create and foster together.

I hope you will pick up the phone, send an email and find a way that works for you, to get involved in learning NVC.  It continues to make a massive difference to my life.

I would love to hear from you.


If you would like to connect please visit and use the contact form or phone number provided there.

To keep in touch with Mukti's offerings please download the free guide to realigning and reigniting connection on the home page.

Thank you!!