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Empathy Specialist, CNVC Certified International Trainer/Mediator/Consultant
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R. Buckminster Fuller  told us “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” We're living into a new model The Withing Way; that makes the world perceived as winners/losers obsolete.

I have learned and practiced with Marshall Rosenberg (over 500 hours)

I have produced an NVC based children's coloring book Compassionate Underwear Bear, a DVD Living NVC and a game Jackal Cafe & Another Way.

I have participated in

>the first BayNVC Yearlong Leadership Program (2002) with Julie Greene, Inbal Kashtan and Miki Kashtan,

>several NVC Training Institute Retreats with Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, Towve Widstrom and Wes Taylor, 

>2 CNVC International Intensive Trainings (IIT) with Marshall Rosenberg

>several NVC Dance Floors Trainings with Gina Lawrie and Bridgett Belgrave,

>NVC and Abundance Retreat with Francois Beausoil and Jeff Brown,

>Mediation Training with John Kinyon and Ike Lasater, ?>several RC trainings with Dominic Barter

>a 15 Day Switzerland Experiment in Social Change living with Marshall Rosenberg  and 60 people from 25 countries.

I like to continually deepen and improve my skills by learning from others as well as experimenting with new ways to share.  My intention is to come from a place of invitation to learning, not being the expert.

I have been offering classes in prisons, jails, and mental health settings, in organizations and with individuals since 2002. I experience deep satisfaction, meaning, purpose, inspiration and hope walking the path of NVC.

Testimonials from Marshall Rosenberg, Miki Kashtan, Ike Lasater follow:

Marshall:  Mair Alight is one of sixty individuals from twenty-five countries selected by the Center for Nonviolent Communication to attend a Special Session on Social Change in July 2005 in Switzerland. The purpose of the session was to further the vision we have to create a world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully. Mair Alight is committed to the vision of creating and participating in building worldwide networks of life-serving systems including, but not limited to education, economics, justice, healthcare, peacekeeeping. It is my hope that you will support her in her efforts towards implementing social change. Warmly, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D, Founder and Director of Educational Services, The Center for Nonviolent Communication (  

Miki Kashtan: I have known Mair since 2002, when she attended the BayNVC Leadership Program. I appreciate, in particular, her deep passion for meaning, her dedication to authenticity and full human connection, and her humor and courage in responding to challenges. I trust her understanding of NVC and her continued immersion in learning and clarifying concepts and processes. I am impressed by what I see as her ability to see and reach human beings across a wide range of demographics and experiences and offer meaningful healing and learning to others. - Miki Kashtan, Lead Trainer, Strategic Vision, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (PayNVC)

Ike Lasater: Ive known Mair for a decade as a friend, colleague and as a participant in some of my NVC Mediation workshops. I very much enjoy how she shows up in the world with humor, care and clarity. I like the way Mair relates to herself, and to me and others. I without reservation recommend that you work with her at every opportunity. – Ike Lasater,   Watch Interview at US Social Forum from freespeechtv at


What motivates me? I intend for my grandchildren-and all children-to grow up in a worldwide culture of peace, learning peace practices and communications. My aim?     I like meeting and connecting with others about what is important to us, what we care about and how we can contribute to each others' well being and thriving.

I especially like sharing my Jackal Cafe & Another Way as the feedback I consistently get is that it contributes to understanding about the cause of anger, guilt, shame and depression and supports practicing Another Way (NVC) of communicating. 

My coloring book, Compassionate Underwear (Bear) shares that blaming and complaining keep you lost and sharing and caring help you find your way back home. Available  at


    Living as fully awake & aware as possible in  each moment, balancing care for self & others, offering my gifts to others who ask. How I do that?     Practicing being present in and to the moment with attention on gratitude and appreciation. Attending to the Life Energy (needs) in myself and in others..Practicing POMSA (Peace Of Mind Self-Acceptance/Awareness).Sharing Nonviolent Communication weekly in classes in-person, facilitating weekly local practice group, offering empathy calls (1:1 and groups), 

producing books, games & other materials, offering  workshops and trainings, co-organizing & co-facilitating retreats,  offering NVC  in person, by phone and with email.

Sharing at, blogging at and on the cnvc website.


A world that is vibrant and thriving, with humankind participating in care full stewardship of the planet and all beings. I want my grandchildren to learn about war as history,not current events.