Thomas Stelling

Trainer, Coach, Mediator

88212 Ravensburg

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
South Africa
Public Message

Since 2004 I work as coach and offer basic and advanced NVC trainings in Germany and Switzerland since 2008.  Open workshops (in German): -Basistage (3 days introductions to NVC process & consciousness) -Intensiv-Ausbildung (18 days of comprehensive trainung in 5 modules to dive into the basics of NVC within a constant group) Vertiefung: Intensiv-Ausbildung II - Wertschätzend leiten und führen (20 days in 5 modules in an intensive committed group of up to 10 people to advance the competency to guide and lead yourself and others. The course is for people who hold (or want to acquire) a leadership position, or want to lead groups e.g. as NVC trainer). -Vertiefung: Intensiv-Ausbildung II: Empathisches Coaching (20 days in 5 modules for people who want to develop their coaching ablilities.) -Vertiefung: Lebensdienlich bewerten (4-day seminar on the topic of life-enriching judgements and discernment) -Vertiefung: Intensivausbikdung III/Masterclass (for people who have studied with me in Intensive I and II workshops, with focus on special topics like male-female/gender, spirituality, death, etc.) Emerging future? I have started doing work in Johannesburg with an NGO for street kids and other people in the field of social work. I would like to continue to do some leadership training (in English) ...