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Welcome to my profile!
I was born in 1963, in Britain and now live in Romania. I have a long career in business behind me, having worked for a global consulting firm and, more recently, a small niche consulting and coaching business. But my heart is in NVC.
For those who don't know this part of Europe, Romania is nestled in between Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Black Sea. It's wonderfully rich in natural beauty including the Carpathian mountains and the Danube delta.
My wife is Romanian and also an NVC Trainer and we have a non-profit association devoted to NVC.
Honestly speaking I'm not into connection for the sake of connection (there's just too many people in the world) but do treat this welcome as an invitation to contact me if anything here resonates with you and you would either like to know more or perhaps see some way we could support each other.


I explore how the Internet can be harnessed to bring NVC to large numbers of people and my aim for the next years is to develop ways to do this - and earn a modest income at the same time.
I'm not a 'techie' but I do get easily immersed in the creativity and interconnectedness of the, aptly named, 'web'. I love to write and kept a reasonably successful blog for a couple of years (Quantum Learning) which received 250,000 page views until the ISP went bankrupt.
In 2011 I launched http://www.nvcworld.com to collect and share NVC resources. Do have a look there and follow my Twitter feed nvc_world. It's now well established and I hope for it to become one of the core sources for all things NVC related.
For 2012 I'm focusing more on workshops and building my own niche. As things are evolving I've found NVC and fathering to be both fun and popular. I plan to develop this through 2013.
I'm always open to offers (even if I might say no).


I believe NVC is one of many approaches with the power to create the world I want to live in and it's the way I have chosen for myself, my family and my work.
I came across NVC in 2001 and immediately felt it's power for change - first in myself and then in my relationships. I would love other people to feel this power too and then choose if they want to use it further.



I want my children to be safe and accepted wherever they go in the world.
I want this for you as well.