Marion Little

MA Dispute Resolution, CNVC Certified Trainer

Peterborough ON

Areas of Interest
Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Restorative Justice
Social Change
Violence Prevention
Youth Programs
Spoken Languages

I've offered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training for schools, public sector, health care, small businesses, non-profits, social services & community groups since 2000.

My programs apply NVC to:
- Community Mediation

- Restorative/ Transformative Justice
- Facilitated dialogues
- Conflict coaching
- Negotiation
- Interpersonal skills
- Peer-to-peer listening, &
- Self-empathy practices

I've been fascinated by these topics since childhood due to my own challenges learning to read social cues, untangle misunderstandings, & navigate conflict.



I was fortunate to study with Marshall Rosenberg & assist with his Canadian trainings from 2000 - 2009.

I'm still deeply moved by his elegant integration of Humanistic psychology, conflict resolution skills, Gandhian/ Kingian nonviolence, Restorative Justice, & the profoundly humanizing concepts of Paulo Friere's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."



At the university level, I've researched impacts of NVC training & taught graduate/ undergraduate courses in dispute resolution, ethics & reflective practice, collaborative leadership, & non-profit management.

I'm currently (slowly) writing a book on the evolution of NVC with Rosenberg's publisher, Puddledancer Press.

As a past nonprofit executive director, I've contributed to youth housing, affordable childcare, & human rights for sex workers. As a specialist in institutional abuse prevention & sexual misconduct policies, I co-wrote & co-championed a Safe Church Charter with international colleagues. It was adopted globally by the Anglican Consultative Council in 2012. As a result, 85 million people benefit from increased systemic safeguards against abuses of power in that institution.

Due to these  types of efforts  addressing marginalization & violence, I've been honoured to serve as an Accredited Observer to the UN Commission for the Status of Women, & to testify as an expert witness before parliamentary committee in Ottawa.

My work & personal experiences have inspired a life-long engagement in trauma/ resilience informed practices, anti-oppressive practices, anti-racism, decolonization, Restorative/ Transformative Justice, & meaning-making through epic myth.



Here are a few 45-60 minute webinar samples:

Self-Empathy for Caregivers

Q & A on Self-Empathy for Care-givers


Care-giving, Conflict & Compassionate Communication






I'm a seasoned facilitator specializing in NVC-based Restorative/ Transformative approaches to social well-being, violence prevention,  responses to harm & repair.

I bring deep listening, responsive care,  curiosity, & a collaborative spirit, to my work.

I invite folks to find their own practical needs-based strategies that offer relief in conflict & foster mutual respect in relationships & communities.



I foster community resilience &  safe sanctuary.

My small food forest & native plant gardens are one form of that: nurturing pollinators & people!

Spontaneous bursts of random essay writing, painting, collaging, mosaic making & community art are other forms....

Supporting local groups that support social well-being is another.....

AND, playing with NVC in community is one of my favourite ways to foster sanctuary & resilience in the world & in myself.