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Shona trained in the UK as a teacher, and later as an Educational Psychologist. Shona’s first training in NVC was in Switzerland with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004. From this point on she underwent further training with Marshall and other trainers including working with her mentor, Gina Lawrie co creator of the Dance Floors. Her most significant training came in ‘how to make Nonviolent Communication sound real’ from the time she spent working with teenagers in schools. She was often the only person in the room using Nonviolent Communication and now trusts that this is only thing needed to witness change. She is fascinated by the power of presence and empathy.

Shona has been an Assessor with the English Speaking European Assessor Team since 2016.

She supports via coaching and mentoring and is passionate about depth, welcoming all of ourselves and working in teams to grow NVC in the world.

She can be found here: and in her online community Words are Windows


"In the summer of 2003 someone talked to me about NVC and a few months later I went to meet Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland. I have been a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2006.
In November 2016 I received feedback that my skills and practice were recognised as such that I can call myself an Assessor of NVC. I now am privileged to spend time with those wanting to move towards certification in NVC.

I love to have fun and play and am known for my clarity and ability to give feedback.

I work “in the flow” of Empathy and see no giver or receiver, no fixer or healer, simply, life moving through us.

I share Nonviolent Communication all over the world as I love to explore the universality of this work and delight in exploring what connect us, games, silliness, food, the desire to contribute to one another and dancing."



I work with people to support them to integrate Nonviolent Communication. I offer retreats and trainings and one to one work all over the world.


My mission is to live life as an experiment to find peace and freedom. To live a nonviolent revolution from the inside out and to inspire others to do the same


My vision is for all human beings to realise their true potential. Where life is lived in freedom from conditioning and where barriers between us all are no longer holding us back from seeing each other as human. Where we live in harmony with our planet and have access to our natural creativity and joy.