Martha Lasley

Certified Trainer

Newfield, NY 14867
United States

Areas of Interest
Distance Learning
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
Spiritual Growth
Spoken Languages
Training Countries
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
Public Message

My passion is working with visionaries to bring NVC to organizations. As a founding partner of Leadership that Works, I'm committed to igniting transformation in organizations. We're a consortium of seasoned practitioners who help people awaken to their leadership potential, by creating a collaborative culture where power is shared. With decades of experience in leadership development and training coaches, our greatest contribution comes from supporting those who are positioned to seed transformation. After an initial assessment, we expand the vision, synthesize the needs and harness the motivation of individuals. Then we build teams who can bring about deep and abiding cultural change. When people connect with their deepest values and learn collaborative ways of communicating, creativity is unleashed, and both the people and the organization prosper. As facilitators, we support connection at all levels – from strategic planning to rebuilding damaged relationships. But we dont just train people in a few skills or facilitate a few meetings and leave – we develop coaches and facilitators within the organization who continuously expand the transformation. The shift from coercion, command and control toward more collaboration and trust continues to flourish long after were gone. Weve seen how one leader's transformation can catalyze positive change, recharging employees, enhancing relationships, and reconnecting leaders throughout the organization. I've written three books: Courageous Visions; Facilitating with Heart; and Coaching for Transformation. You can find them all on and you can read the first chapter of Facilitating with Heart for free here:


I love to support organizations with cultural change by shifting from domination to partnership. This is not just about getting the people at the top to share their power; it's about helping people at all levels step into shared leadership.


As an Organization Development coach at Leadership that Works, I support leaders and organizations to be the change they want to see in the world. Coaching for Transformation is a 9-month program where we train people to become certified professional coaches.  Accredited by the International Coach Federation, this program is offered in New York, San Francisco, Mumbai and through distance learning. Using NVC as a primary activist tool, our programs support the development of social change leaders and their organizations. I also teach coaching courses at for people who want to integrate NVC and coaching.


My vision is to see people from every nook and cranny of the world skilled in facilitating heart connection. I support NVC practitioners to develop organizations, mediate conflict, transform relationships, and support social change initiatives. Im especially excited about our NVC training programs in organizations because thats where I have the most hope that we can spread NVC worldwide. My dream is to develop ways for NVC practitioners to create sustainable practices where money is not a burden, but an enjoyable flowing source of energy.