Reena Ginwala

Author, Healer, Facilitator, Mediator

Cottage by the Woods
Dharamshala 176057
Himachal Pradesh

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Restorative Justice
Social Change
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I live in rural Dharamshala; in the Himalayas; in close vicinity to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The energy of compassion is palpable in the air and NVC Consciousness integrated processes and tools help me live my purpose of 'Being' Peace, holding Community with care and hope, facilitating conflict reconciliation as a mediator and offering my Presence to explore core needs wanting to be fulfilled with strategies that consider all needs. 

I am blessed with memories of being with Marshall at the IIT in Pune 2006 and continuing my learning and sharing with many from my CNVC community across the globe. I look forward to continued engagements and shared journeys with you.

I share NVC in 3 regional languages in India - Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi besides English and feel confident of nurturing the ripples of NVC in diverse communities in the hope of Personal, Social and Systemic Change, so life may flow with ease and joy for many of us beyond the barriers of language, education, status, socio-economic conditions. 

At a personal level, I celebrate my deepest transformation and growth as a single parent to 3 daughters who are now 37, 31 and 30 years of age and we have learnt to be courageous, stepping into the complex realities of our world with a sense of inter-dependence as a foundation of our collective well-being. This gives me the assurance and excitement to bring my experience as a parent who grows with each challenge with our 'kids' and 'Re-parents' self. This is my hope to transform intergenerational trauma to intergenerational resilience!

I am working on my website focusing on my NVC engagements - in the meantime, I invite you to a glimpse of my world as a healer, mediator, facilitator, author, a human Being thru

I offer my sincere gratitude to my NVC mentors, Empathy buddies and fellow travellers for the richness of my journey thus far. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Reena Ginwala, Dharamshala, India

Whatsapp: +91 9823034544 

Email: [email protected]