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My name is Erna Smeekens, born on May 17th 1963. Proud mother of four boys, teacher and farmer and together with my husband Hans Udo owner of the Ten Bugs Academy in the south of the Netherlands. (de Tientjes Academie). Ten bugs because we started in 2011 by giving NLP trainings to people with less or no money for ten bugs a day in a Pay it Forward-format. (Get your training and do something back for free in society)

Since 2017 we also offer trainings in NVC, since march this year (2022) certified!!

And although we yet have many many participants with normal income, we still offer our students the possibility of the ten bugs a day.

Living a life of non violence eversince my youth, the discovery of NVC by Marshall's book in 1999 really made me very happy. Nevertheless it took me till 2015 before we (my husband and I) got into it deeper. But then there was no turning back any more. It's really our way of Life.

And I mourn  that I never had the chance to meet Marshall alive. 

So as academy we also are offering more and more NVC . It made our live wonderful, gives us the opportunity to know how to be and stay open and honest and keep our relations healthy.

It's also more and more sharing then training which really makes us very happy. 


Our aim is to share the richness, the wisdom and the loving kindness of the non violent communication with as many people in our environment as possible.


NVC on every street corner!