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A little bit about me!

I have lived in a small off grid land based community for 20 years and very much enjoy seasonal living; immersed in nature, living with varying solar light, foraging, growing food, carrying  water and chopping wood for heat.

I have been imbedded in grass roots culture for many years and have a long history of collaboration within groups from campaigning to festivals to creating a local Steiner kindergarten.

Buddhist philosophy became a spiritual compass for me for a number of years and when I found NVC it gave me the 'how to' in increasing my awareness, compassion and peace.



Where possible I like to immerse myself and others in nature, bringing us back into our bodies and getting in touch with some of our most profound beautiful needs.

I aim to bring NVC into spaces where people may not ordinarily seek it out and thus make small steps in making a hole in the echo chambers. 

I hope to find creative ways to cross pollinate different demographics in an aim to bring unity and connection.



My intention is to keep cultivating self awareness and compassion through using the NVC framework. 

I intend to make gentle changes to enable me to  live in service of all needs, human and beyond  and create meaningful spaces for mourning unmet needs. 

My wish is to share this journey with others!  


To live alongside humans in a gentle, careful, peaceful and joyful way. 

To give attention to all things beyond human and learn about our place in all things with great care and consideration.