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Hello! I have a wonderful post teaching mindfulness at Cambridge University - in which, it's a special joy to include NVC. NVC fits brilliantly with meditation. It gives the students confidence that they can learn without 'failing'.*(The particularly love learning about 'guilt-free procrastination').

I have a series of books coming out in 2022 and beyond, all including NVC. The first is available on Amazon: Journeys to the Deep: A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness.

I also run online courses: https://elizabethenglish.life/

So please feel free to sign up for my news in my (very occasional) newsletter, or listen in to my meditations podcasts on Soundcloud – Anchor FM – Spotify.

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To spread NVC awareness, through meditation and mindful approaches to life.

By sharing the NVC journey with others as I teach, I hope to plant seeds of kindness and understanding in other's hearts.

Also to integrate Focusing and Trauma-therapy (Somatic Experiencing) into my work in meditation.


Apart from teaching meditation (with NVC influences) at Cambridge University, I also write books and offer courses online.

My approach is to weave creativity into meditation, in my case poetry and music. This comes out in my first book: Journeys to the Deep: A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness.

My courses (including one based on the book) are found at: www.elizabethenglish.life


My dream...

To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. Hold Infinity in the palm of [my] hand. And Eternity in an hour.

(From Auguries of Innocence by William Blake)

Because with that, I believe, flows love...