Valerie Wycoff

Certified Trainer CNVC

New Zealand

Areas of Interest
Emotional Intelligence
Social Change
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New Zealand
Public Message

“Rejected is not a feeling – it’s a story about what happened.”  Those words which introduced to me Marshall Rosenberg’s work and contrasted feeling and thinking, enticed me to look out for a chance to learn Nonviolent Communication

I am a “people person” and I love to support others to be life-long learners, to change habits, and to be more compassionate with their self-talk.

I'm happy to organise trainings for community groups, businesses, friends, by arrangement.  My husband, Jim Lovell-Smith and I also offer foundation workshops, face-to-face, and online.



Together with Jim, I've been growing the skills of nonviolent living and nonviolent communication since 2008

I'm grateful for my growth in skill and capacity in my life to navigate relationships with family, colleagues and friends.  I celebrate that I can increasingly find the capacity to be kind, honest and more caring with myself.

Prior to teaching, my NVC work has been in teaching singing, and performing. I am also trained in the Feldenkrais Method® which is a way of facilitating habit change for more effective, effortless movement.


My Inspiration comes from:

International trainers I've learned from include: Robert Gonzales, Simone Anliker, Robert Krzisnik, Miki Kashtan, Sarah Peyton, Yoram Mosenzon, Barbra Esher, Kathleen Macferran, Mary Mackenzie, Marta Kułaga, Jürgen Licht and Kelly Bryson.

Here in NZ I've been inspired by local trainers including Jean McElhaney, Susie Spiller, Wayne Prince, Deb Hipperson, Anna Groves, Jocelyn Kennedy and Irma Jager.  Especially supportive to us getting started training here in Christchurch was Meagan Rutherford, 

I'm grateful, to for inspiration from my husband Jim as we share this journey together.