Katarina Sparrdal

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I first heard about NVC 2005 when my sister share her interest of implementing NVC at her Preschools. After ten years of individual trainings, I started 2014 to work with my sister at her preschools, an organization including 60 teachers and 250 children. My job has been to implement a sustainable structure to ensure that both educators and children are offered the knowledge and understanding of NVC's values. I have always had a great interested in organizational and structural changes. Today we share our experience as much as we can with the outside world by offering educational trips to our preschools, presentations and we are also sharing NVC materials that we have created.   


I planning (together with our teachers) different ways to share our experience of implementing and introducing Nonviolent Communication tools and consciousness in a whole organization.


My mission is to work with people who wants to find practical trainings and tools to support the organization they are in.